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Upcoming: Sakyong Mipham—Is Meditation Selfish? 

Ever had a question for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche? Join him for this live interview with Waylon Lewis on the WALK THE TALK show, Wednesday, April 2nd, at 1:30 pm MDT.

Life is constantly offering the transmission of basic goodness. 

Chicago area: later in April the Sakyong is teaching a full weekend on Creating Enlightened Society. Join us for this incredible event!

We want to infuse our day with good habits so that we can turn seemingly mundane situations into a ceremony of goodness. 

Running with the Mind of Meditation is now available in paperback! 

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Our world is suffering but we can definitely turn it all around. The Shambhala Principle states that the way to do so is by reaffirming our belief in the shared humanity of all beings. This actually has the power to change everything.

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For everyone who can’t wait to start reading the Sakyong's upcoming book, THE SHAMBHALA PRINCIPLE, check out this exclusive excerpt! 

Art communicates basic goodness through symbol, which gives others the power to realize it instantaneously, without language.

The Shambhala Times announcement of the Sakyong's second child! 

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